Terms & Conditions

TERMS & CONDITIONS | Hello, and welcome to our Terms & Conditions page.

LEGAL | INCREDIBLY DULL but important, please do read these! Receipt of your deposit or full fee will be taken as confirmation that you have read and accept our Terms & Conditions detailed on this page, our Privacy Policy on the Privacy page, and our Fire & Safety Conditions. These conditions are subject to change at our discretion, so please do return to these pages from time to time. We have tried to make these conditions as clear and simple as possible. They are designed to provide clarity and to protect both you and us. Due to their ‘legal’ nature they may sometimes sound onerous, but we are honourable people and trust that these provide reasonable ‘ground rules’!​

RENTAL PERIOD | Our Properties are usually available for periods of three, four or seven night stretches, although the Booking calendar will allow longer bookings.

ARRIVAL DAY | Is usually Friday for seven nights or more, and also for three-night weekend breaks. For a four-night mid-week break the arrival day is a Monday.

ARRIVAL TIME | Your holiday property will normally be ready for you to take over from 5.00 p.m. at the start of your booking. Please telephone (+44 01497 822827) if you anticipate arriving late so that arrangements can be made to welcome you. Please do not arrive early, as time is needed to thoroughly clean the properties between lets.

DEPARTURE TIME | Again, as time is needed to thoroughly clean the properties between lets, you should leave the cottage on the day of departure by 11:00 a.m. and return keys by 11.30 a.m. Under normal circumstances you will be able to keep your car in our secure car park on your day of departure until you wish to leave Hay, subject to the arrival of other guests. We will inform you where to deposit the keys on your arrival.


PROVISIONAL BOOKING | Our online booking system allows you to make a 'Provisional Booking' on payment of a 33% deposit. If you book within 8 weeks of your arrival you will be required to pay 100% or the FULL PAYMENT. When you enter your details and CLICK TO PAY, we send out an automated FIRST EMAIL confirming that we have received your booking. This 'PROVISIONAL' Booking will then show up on the Booking Calendar in yellow, and will remain there for 2 hours while we await an automated payment confirmation from Paypal. When Paypal confirms your payment, you will receive a SECOND EMAIL from us confirming the we have RECEIVED PAYMENT, and that your BOOKING RESERVATION STATUS is now changed from ‘Provisional’ to AWAITING CONFIRMATION. If after 2 hours we have not received payment notification from Paypal, your 'PROVISIONAL' booking will be automatically cancelled.

PAYPAL | Please remember, YOU CAN USE A CREDIT CARD with Paypal and are not required to have a Paypal account to do so. However you should know that Paypal is now the largest bank in the world and runs a totally secure site. If you are unable to pay via the Paypal system or you would prefer to use an alternative, you will need to make arrangements with us within the 2 hour window, so that we can manually upgrade your booking to AWAITING CONFIRMATION.

Your booking will only become CONFIRMED when we have received FULL PAYMENT, and you have received a THIRD EMAIL - your Booking Confirmation email - from us. We will contact you by phone or email to agree arrangements for the payment of the Balance - (if a balance is due). Until we receive your FULL PAYMENT, we reserve the right to place your booking with an alternative ‘FULL PAYMENT’ client. However it is rare that such an eventuality would occur. If it does occur it will be likely that the reason is a failure on your part to pay the FULL PAYMENT prior to the FULL PAYMENT cut-off date. You are required to make the full payment 8 weeks before arrival and failure to do so will be considered a cancellation on your part. (see also FULL PAYMENT and CANCELLATION below).

PAYMENT OF BALANCE | On payment of the full balance (and DEPOSIT AGAINST DAMAGE - for the Jacobean Town House - see below), your booking will become 'CONFIRMED', and turn from YELLOW to BROWN. Confirmation however will occur only when you receive a THIRD EMAIL - your Booking Confirmation email - from us, and we will send this to you once we have confirmed receipt of all outstanding balance payment. In addition, you will receive an email reminder with details of any balance due, and how to pay it. You can choose to make the balance payment via our email reminder or our Online Payments page (see Online Payments) in transactions of up to £500. If at any time you have any queries do call us on +44 (0)1497 822827.​

FULL PAYMENT | is due 8 weeks before the start of your holiday. If you book within this time period, the full charge should automatically be levied in the online booking process. If this does not happen, we will contact you directly by phone to agree arrangements for the payment of the Balance, however confirmation of booking only occurs when you receive your Booking Confirmation email from us.

CANCELLATION | Normal Bookings: Following your reservation and receipt of your deposit, (with the exception of SPECIAL BOOKINGS CANCELLATION - see below), cancellation by you within 12 weeks of your arrival date will entail both the potential loss of your deposit and responsibility on your part for payment of the outstanding fee. We hope that this will not happen, and our intention is to do everything in our power to re-let the property for you. If your accommodation is re-let for any of the nights that you reserved, then we will be pleased to reimburse you for those re-let nights. If we are able to re-let the property on your behalf - in part or in full, we will reimburse you, less an administration charge of £25. If cancellation is accompanied by a doctor's certificate, a full refund will be given.

In the event that we (not you) are forced to cancel your booking for any reason, and we have no reason to believe that this will happen, our liability to you will be limited to your receiving a full refund from us - SEE ALSO INSURANCE BELOW.​

SPECIAL BOOKINGS CANCELLATION | Special Bookings include Hay Festival, Christmas, New Year, and Bank Holiday Weekends: To date, we have never had a Special Bookings Cancellation, and we hope never to have one! We are sure you understand that our ‘Special Bookings’ are the life-blood of our business, and these conditions are intended to ensure that we have enough time to re-market your booking at the same rate that you have paid us. We have an extended cancellation time period for these ‘special bookings’ because our properties are in such demand that they are often booked directly with us well in advance, and we want to give ourselves as much time as possible to re-market them on your behalf at premium rates, in the event that you cancel. In some cases our properties are booked for these periods years in advance. If your accommodation is re-let for any of the nights that you reserved, then we will be pleased to reimburse you for those re-let nights. If we are able to re-let the property on your behalf - in part or in full, we will reimburse you for the re-let period, less an administration charge of £50. Following your reservation and receipt of your deposit, cancellation by you within 6 months of your arrival date will entail both the potential loss of your deposit and responsibility on your part for payment of the outstanding fee. We hope that this will not happen, and our intention is to do everything in our power to re-let the property for you.

If cancellation is accompanied by a doctor's certificate (a Medical Cancellation) indicating clearly that you are medically unable to travel during the duration of your proposed stay, and are therefore unable to attend, and this is received by us 12 weeks prior to your arrival, a full refund will be given. In the event of a Medical Cancelation occurring after the 12 week deadline, we will do our very best to re-let the property on your behalf, and we will reimburse you accordingly. So if you are intending to cancel, the earlier you do so the better. - (SEE ALSO INSURANCE BELOW - we strongly advise you to obtain cancellation Insurance when you make a ‘Special Booking’ with us.)

In the event that we (not you) are forced to cancel your booking for any reason, and we have no reason to believe that this will happen, our liability to you will be limited to your receiving a full refund from us.

DEPOSIT AGAINST DAMAGE | In the case of the Jacobean Town House only, we require a deposit against damage of £500. This will be collected in addition to the Booking Fee for your holiday - and is due 8 weeks before arrival. This deposit will be returned to you within 14 days of your departure, subject to their being no substantial damage requiring attention. In the event that there is damage, we will submit to you a verified estimate of our cost of repair or replacement and deduct this from the deposit before returning any balance to you. In the event of the damage not being covered by the deposit you will remain responsible for the outstanding amount due to us and you hereby authorize us to take the necessary steps to collect it from you including our legal costs, if any.​

LEGAL JURISDICTION | Any dispute not otherwise settled between the parties and arising from a breech of these terms and conditions or those of our Privacy Policy or Fire & Safety conditions or as a result of injury or accident will be decided in accordance with the laws and courts of England & Wales and any judgement made against you or us in those courts of England & Wales shall be accepted by both parties. In the event that judgements are made in the courts of England & Wales against you, these shall be enforceable and honoured in the jurisdictions of your county of residence.

INSURANCE | We always recommend that all our guests take out cancellation insurance - PARTICULARLY if you are booking a holiday during WINTER months or you are booking for a ‘Special Booking’ (See above SPECIAL BOOKINGS CANCELLATION). For those traveling from abroad, we would advise that you also have health and accident insurance cover for your vacation. Accidents are extremely rare - to date we have had none here at Hideaways - but it is wise to be prepared. We do have public liability insurance.

NO HIDDEN EXTRA CHARGES | There are no hidden extra charges: no VAT, no extra utility charges, no charge for cots or high chairs (see CHILDREN below). Prices include a basket of logs for both the Coach House and the Stables. There is an unlimited supply of logs in the Town House. If you require extra cleaning and change of linen (see CLEANING below) you will incur charges, but these are within your control.​

WITH OUR COMPLIMENTS | Fresh seasonal and locally sourced flowers await your arrival. Our well equipped kitchens are stocked with basics such as olive oil, tea, coffee, milk, etc.. We provide all linen soaps and towels.​


RESPONSIBILITY AND SAFETY | Accommodation at Hideaways In Hay™ is let on the understanding that our clients are responsible for their own safety and well-being, and that of their children. Whilst we have taken great care in building our properties with the safety of our guests in mind, our cobbled courtyard and flagstones invariably have uneven surfaces, and you need to take care at all times and particularly after a rainfall. Please also see Fire & Safety Conditions

PARKING | One private parking space is provided for each of our cottages, and two for the Jacobean Town House. Entrance to the parking area is via large wooden electric gates. We will provide you with a remote control for these when we give you your keys - so your vehicle(s) will be securely parked. However, cars are driven and parked on our property at your risk. Care should be taken particularly on entry and exit as the entrance is narrow, and the gates lead directly on to the public road. If you are at all nervous, please ask us to park your car for you.

CHILDREN | Our home, the Jacobean Town House is not ‘child proof’ and is therefore not suitable for children. We do apologise, but it is just the way it is, we renovated and repaired the Town House as a luxury adult home for us, and for you as our guests. Babies up to the age of 6 months, and teenagers of fourteen years and over are welcome in the Town House, and parents need to know that this house is on multiple levels with hard floors, and plenty of hard object to bump into - you will need to keep a close eye on your babies! Children and babies are fine in the Coach House or the Stables - bear in mind that these have one double bedroom and a sofa-bed each - on different floors. A high chair, baby cot and stair guards can be provided on request for clients who book the Coach House or Stables or Jacobean Town House. Parents must be responsible for keeping their children away from lighted fires or wood-burning stoves - these get very very hot. No children are to be left in, or on our properties without parental supervision.

NO PETS & NO SMOKING | We apologise, but we cannot accommodate pets. We have a no smoking policy inside our properties, so if you do smoke, please do so outside, and we would be grateful if you could dispose of you cigarette 'evidence'!

LINEN PROVIDED | Bed Linen and towels are provided. A flannel, hand towel, bath towel, and dressing gown are supplied for each guest. Guests also receive soap, shampoo, bath salts or gel.

ACCESS TO THE TOWN HOUSE UTILITY ROOM | For those renting the Jacobean Town House, we will retain access to the Utility Room facilities on changeover days - access will be by a side entrance, leaving our guests undisturbed. (See CLEANING below)

CLEANING | Our properties are fully cleaned and serviced between bookings but, as the cleaner's time is often limited during busy periods, we would kindly ask you to leave your property as clean and tidy as you found it. For those who book for longer periods than 1 week, a cleaning service can be arranged for an additional £70 in the Coach House or Stables or £150 for the Jacobean Town House per cleaning - this will include a change of linen. For those renting the Jacobean Town House, we will retain access to the Utility Room facilities on changeover days - access will be by a side entrance, leaving our guests undisturbed.

HEATING | We have full underfloor heating in all our properties. In addition, and to add that cosy extra, each have a wood-burning stove with complimentary basket of chopped wood provided in the Coach House and the Stables. The Jacobean Town house has one open fire in the kitchen and a wood-burning stove in the drawing room, with unlimited supplies of wood.

ENTERTAINMENT FACILITIES | Full viewing equipment is there for your enjoyment with flat screen TV, Sky digital, DVD player, broadband, radio/CD player, plus a stock of DVDs, CDs and a selection of books, maps to borrow, cards & games, and leaflets describing ‘what’s on’ in and around Hay-on-Wye. (The Jacobean Town House has both DVD & cassette players but no SKY and NO live television: if you wish to watch current TV programs, with a laptop, you can do so using our full free broadband & BBC i-player. You may prefer to browse our custom-built library though and read a book instead!) Wifi Broadband is available FREE throughout the properties.

WHEELCHAIR ACCESS | We are sadly unable to accommodate wheelchair access. Our properties date back to medieval times, are built on different levels and are Grade II Listed. We were unable to do anything about wheelchair access when we repaired, renovated and restored them between 2002 and 2006. Our UK planning laws are very quirky, and in national and local government the left hand is rarely co-ordinated with the right- hopefully this is changing.

LIMITED MOBILITY | Generally, there are steps to negotiate, and we have had a number of visitors with limited mobility visit us. But it does depend on how limited our potential guests’ mobility may be. So if you wish to, do please call us on 01497 822827 and we can discuss it with you. (If you do book with us, you accept that we do have limited mobility restrictions, and that you are happy to book in full knowledge of these.)

Much of the information you need is below, or can be ascertained from our videos or photo galleries. To give you the basics, here is information which may be helpful for you.

(i) Car Access:

The Georgian Coach House & Medieval Stables have front doors onto the Courtyard, so are accessible easily by car.

The Jacobean Town House front door is via a front garden & garden gate on to the road - again easily accessible by car. The front door is accessed down two steps from the road onto ancient yorkshire flagstones and a further two steps at the front door into the entrance hall.

(ii) Car Parking:

The Car Park is about 25 yards from the front doors of the Cottages. However the Courtyard is cobbled with an uneasy surface. Access to the Jacobean Town House is either throughout the Courtyard, and along the road to the front door (about 60 yards) or through the garden (about 25 yards) - where there are a set of two steps down to negotiate, and a further set up into the Kitchen of 4 steps, or up onto the balcony entrance to the first staircase landing with 5 steps and full railings.

(iii) Property layout:

The Georgian Coach House is organised with the bedroom and bathroom [+ sunken bath & shower] on the ground floor, and the sitting room & kitchen are up a flight of 12 stairs.

The Medieval Stables is organised with the sitting room and kitchen on the ground floor and the bedroom and bathroom [cast iron bath & shower with additional stool to assist in getting in & out of the bath] up a flight of 12 stairs.

The Jacobean town house has numerous short flights of stairs - The kitchen is accessed with five steps up from the ground floor dining room into the kitchen & one step down from the kitchen to get to the Utility room and access to the downstairs loo. There is one main staircase - with the Jacobean bannister and newel post making it easy to ascend. Then there are four landings on this staircase with 6 steps up to each. So in all there are two lots of six steps to get to the first floor level with the twin bedroom and mistress bedroom with bergere double, and a further two sets of six steps to get to the Master Bedroom with four poster bed.

(iv) Bathrooms:

Do look at the Property Photo Galleries on each of the Property pages to see these in detail. All our baths have anti-slip mats. And they have hand shower and overhead shower attachments with great water pressure.

The Georgian Coach House’s bath and shower is on the ground floor and is sunken - and you can see full pictures via our photo gallery. So it is easy to get into and out of.

The Medieval Stables bath is a full metal bath on the first floor up a flight of 12 stairs - we have added a handle hand support to help with access, and we have an additional stool to assist in getting in & out of the bath. But you should be warned that metal baths are very slippery, and the non-slip bath matt should always be used in the bath.

The Jacobean Town House has one downstairs loo - from the ground floor this is up 5 steps to the kitchen, and then down one step into the Utility room. Each bedroom has its own bathroom. The Guest twin bedroom has a shower cubicle; the Mistress Bedroom has a circular plunge bath and shower; and the Master Bedroom has a traditional cast iron bath with hand held shower, and a walk in shower. Again, these are easier to see via our photo gallery.

(v) Beds:

Tall people need to know that our only feet restricting bed is the Mistresses’ French Bergere double bed in the Mistresses Bedroom in the Jacobean Town house. Other than that, our biggest bed (much complimented by our guests for its comfort) is in the Medieval Stables - it is a super King. The Georgian Coach House has an unrestricted and very comfortable double bed. The final two in the Jacobean Town House are the Guest Twin bedroom - with twin unrestricted single mattresses; and the four poster double bed in the Master Bedroom. Being comfortable in bed is important to us, so we have not skimped on our mattresses - they are of the highest quality!

FINALLY | We trust you will have a fabulous, romantic, peaceful and relaxing holiday. We are at your service so please do ask us if you need any further help or information.​


If you have any questions regarding these Terma & Conditions, or your dealings with our website, please contact us here: www.HideawaysInHay.co.uk/contact

Hideaways In Hay™, Brookfield House, Brook Street, Hay on Wye, (Via Hereford), Powys, HR3 5BQ, WALES, UK.